Thursday, January 25, 2007

Coming change to primary schedules

The New York Times discusses a change that would work in Giuliani's favor.


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Fati said...

As the world progresses (we are assuming that it is for the better!-just for the sake of our conversatin here:), democracies are performing less effectively.

Here is my bullshit theory on that: Democracy and Liberalism is associated with freedom and openness so much so that it is perceived as if it is the ability to do whatever the hell you want-- no limits, no restrictions...all of which are GREAT. But, here is the danger:

You lose your focus.
You want to be everything, and at the end you become nothing.
What does the Democrats stand for and what do they do consistenly in favor of their words?

Republicans (despite the fact that their image is gone down the drain) stand for something. They know what they are about and they go after it. They are committed and consistent in their action. It doesn't matter that they fail, what matters is that they are consistent and as you've mentioned, with some good re-branding work, they will come over it.

Since Guiliani is an x lawyer:), I very much doubt that he has a chance of becoming the President!!!