Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jesse Jackson on costs of the Iraq war

Jesse Jackson writes a good article putting the costs of the Iraq war in perspective...,CST-EDT-jesse23.article

He leaves out one thing, though, that I think is more important than all those alternative expenditures he mentions:

Don't increase the national debt.

Don't take that war money and spend it on other things.  While you've got the big knife out, butcher those other things Jackson mentions, too.

Doing it now will be very painful.  It will be much, much more painful later, if we don't.

Our country's standard of living and position in the world 50 years from now depends on what we do today.

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Fati said...

Jesse Jackson says it well. But politics is no different than marketing. Whoever speaks the loudest gets the majority share of the pie.
On the day of 9/11, the US Media bombarded the world with "war on terrorism" slogans. The campaign was smart and well managed. People didn't care about the truth, because they weren't ready to hear it at a time when thousands died.
Now, they are ready to hear it if the people who oppose more troops in Iraq make their voices heard as loud as Bush did a few years ago.

Even then, I really wonder, do citizens of the US have the power to make things change? When things don't change, is it really because people don't do enough or because the political agendas weigh heavier than the wants and the needs of people?

I am off tangent in this debate;)perhaps, but if this is what people want, is the media ready to support that wish with a campaign as strong as the one on war on terrorism.